About Us

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Our Goal

Our goal is to make you feel as comfortable and relaxed the moment you first walk through our doors. We provide a warm, sensitive atmosphere and believe that a patient’s sense of welling-being is important to the healing process. We place heavy emphasis on personal attention, administered in an atmosphere that is caring and compassionate.

Our Body

Our central nervous system is directly linked to all of our major organs and body functions. It runs directly along our spine and branches off to all parts of our body. If our nervous system is interrupted in any way it can affect how our organs and body functions. We know individuals have the inborn ability to heal themselves, and chiropractic helps this happen by removing interference to the nervous system through treatment of the back, spine or neck.

Our Focus

Access Chiropractic Care focuses primarily on the back, spine and neck. We treat and relieve pain from headaches, muscle spasms, back pain, nerve inflammation, spine and disc degeneration, subluxation and moreā€¦

We are certified to treat athletes and their common injuries from over training or injury. We can treat runners who suffer from ankle, knee or back pain to other injuries involving the shoulder, arm and hands. Other areas we help patients with are auto or work related injuries which may include Post- Concussion Syndrome (PCS), Whiplash Syndrome (WS) or any Mild Traumatic Brain or Head Injuries (MTBI,MHI) or nervous disorders. In addition, we provide advice and at home programs to take care of yourself daily. From tips on sitting, standing, bending and lifting to programs of stretching and strengthening exercises that give your back and neck the flexibility and support they need to survive a lifetime of stress and strain.